Simplified Unification of Decentralization With Automation is an early stage start up focusing on bringing good people together and making their lives easier through help & automation. Below is a synapsis along with description of our Core Values.

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Our Vision –

SUDWA doesn’t believe humans treat each other like humans. We will change it!

β€’We need a centralization of the Decentralization for simplified communication, add transparent automation & you got SUDWA!

β€’Help realize the human potential for positive growth! Can you imagine the prosperity of regulating yourself?!

Are they? Or is it external input that changes them?! πŸ€”

SUDWA wants to build something like a ⭐Platform Desktop (a more detailed description) that promotes intelligence, connectivity & honesty in all things through a financial, social, work, education & entertainment hub. Get it all with SUDWA!

This will change the way business, currency, life & humanity is viewed and experienced.

Tons of friends (example: iwiw social) & fun for chatting (like SUDWA.Treadie), tipping and helping each other in a self regulating collective community. Also a positive way to change people, business & life for the entire world!

#MassAdoption gives the core operating view, the group collective focus on the most valueable currency ever seen… β€˜Good People’

SUDWA means YOU. With the family you choose, where will you go?

By changing Business Ethics, Holding a group consensus on SUDWA Minimal Sell Value,  transparent Voting & community wellness & family like help systems & automations, SUDWA will change the world for the better.


Part One (Core Values);



WE PLEDGE (company execs,etc) ARE WHO WE SAY WE ARE AND DESIRE… To show….

Proof Of Humanity.
Aka Pay it Forward Financial EcoSystem

We attempt to show this by;

1) Giving currencies away
{Sometimes people can be low in the oppressed state that the current financial experiment has them trapped in. Free them. Give with ur heart like u want}

2) holding MINIMAL Sell Value
{General Crypto Rule- Never speak of value in any way including exchanges or being listed until AFTER the deal is finalized in writing, the value of a token is it is #UseCase

3) Doing what you say
{show everything ur doing, share good and goofy pictures, be transparent}

4) if someone asks for ur skills in SUDWA, Help. If you have needs, ask.


Part Two;


All participants should agree they have SUDWA because of their belief in it’s cause.

SUDWA desires to make a non enforceable, Optional contract that states no owner of this token shall sell it for less than 1 TRX Token (or current community agreed Minimal Sell Value).

Anyone doing so is hurting the overall belief in the coin. It’s purpose & soul.

Anyone witnessed (proof available) not following the optional rule should optionally be exiled from bartering by the offenders wallet or with SUDWA.

This can be reported for double review here-

Anyone witnessing, knowingly, this happening without rapidly reporting it to Violator Review…
Should be exiled also but this two shall be optional for the members.

To gain trust back,: … (in development)




If done right… we all will be human, self regulated towards good will on Earth & even paid by the system to do so. This should inspire enough cooperation to fund our actually free world and since being freed… we all can play whatever game or play any role desired and be paid for positive or productive connectivity & action.

Fully evolved would be Platform System Desktop user interface like an decentralized operating system to connect to financial, social, work, education & entertainment! You can really have it all set up right below here:

Visions Landing Page of everything!


What is SUDWA?

🎭 #SUDWA 🎭

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Gathering Good, Banishing Bad
Donate to the cause by clicking here & we reward with SUDWA also!

Helping Connections Simplify

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