What SUDWA is to me

To me… #SUDWA … It’s YOU!

It started when I “caught the BlockChain Virus” as someone once put it to me…
I got fascinated with Bitcoin and the subsequent exchanges September through December of 2017.
RAPIDLY intrigued as the rabbit hole of knowledge on the subject and related widened. No longer was my USB ASIC (lol) acceptable. I knew mining wasn’t my place.

Then there was the token exchanges… Alluring thousand percent gains over night… I found out the hard way that is not for me either. I guess I’m more HODL than that.

Extensive research and having good Rapport & people skills really helped when I found an ICO that passed all my tests and was something cool. LUCYD (Harrison Gross) taught me so much… It would be a blog by itself!

AR BlockChain Smartglasses Industry Leader one day

I did however learn a lot about PR that well served me when I began getting paid for it & my first self start, self ran (with often confused but loyal crew)… #PRRP.

February through August I began living by the CryptoMarkets though I quit “investing” on the Verge of New Year. I worked for crypto and I did it full time. I decided in stead of being mad I couldn’t “cash out” that is make more places accept crypto.

Some kinda way to unite the people & stop this stupid civil war competition thing the CryptoVerse has going on… We’re all on the same project… Why are we fighting for scraps and ripping each other off?!

With that… Public Relations Role Play (#PRRP) was born.
I was forming a transparent PR company with genuine morals with intentions of uniting the people and build a better BlockChain that lives up to the ideals it can!


August through December has been some of the worst and best experiences of my life.
Lost friends, homes & health. Gained a great deal of wisdom & a lil serenity.

People needed something more than positive productive pro blockchain representation… They needed help and they needed to come together to do it… And this God Awful way we treat each other and how we view business and currency has gotta go as well. That’s when #SUDWA was born.

SUDWA is connecting people, sorting out the bad, helping each other out and forever changing the face of humanity… For the better… For the people… By the people.

This is your project… What part will you have in it?
Just wait to see what’s next! #ITankImpetus

Simplified Unification of Decentralization With Automation

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