Happy New Years, good-bye 2018!

It’s been a long few days for me… But as a helper, it’s hard to sleep when there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done or someone that needs help. I’ve updated this Blog home page to be the BEST description of who we are & what we do along with greatly reducing or previously leeeeeeeengthy “pinned message” –

No seriously it was like 6-7 screenshots long!

Clear & conscise role, purpose & agenda (rough drafts of some of this) of SUDWA.

I’ve been graced with some donations this week and yet the go untouched even though my personal needs are great, my work is only this life & my hours are long…

The way I see it is that #SUDWA isn’t MINE… It’s OURS.
Though I’m CEO (among with many other roles, in many places) I can’t feel justified in me taking from that unless it’s directly SUDWA business related..

But then again, if I do not…. Then let’s just say that my ability to help out & work this way will be severely hindered, to say the least…

So I’m just CEO … But SUDWA is US .. humanities future (and cool gathering place for friends, fun & help)… Like family.

I’ve recently gotten a spur of growth & excited… I’ve found HOW we will remain NOT LISTED ON EXCHANGES and how we will do perfectly fine as well.

Come look up our Core Values (Home Page here) & give me your input here or in telegram.

We NEED ACTIVE helpers and people of passion pressing people’s pains progressively past portrayed pins… Possibly paths parallel with people’s plight.


Come change the world with us…
Show the world who we are… Who YOU are.

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